In this category you will find everything related to drying and curing for screen printing and pad printing. Here you can find tunnels for drying objects or textiles, drying ovens, rapid drying equipment for silk screens, etc. We have equipment of different ranges as well as our own manufacture. Our experience as manufacturers allows us to design and build custom equipment at the request of our clients to offer them solutions that are 100% adapted to their needs, such as the SECP100 high-speed or emergency screen dryer:

We will advise you to find the solution that best suits your needs

  • You can count on us

We encourage you to take advantage of our more than 20 years of experience in the screen and pad printing industry. If you need it, we can study your case, and we will advise you in the search for the solution that best suits your requirements. We will be happy to help you.

  • From equipment for small workshops to solutions for industrial production

We are working hard to offer solutions of different ranges and of different performance to meet the requirements of small workshops to large companies that need high performance for medium and large production. Our selection is based on the balance between quality and price that ensure a minimum quality in the result.

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