Plasma atmosférico

On this page you will find atmospheric plasma equipment for surface pretreatment. With this you will be able to ensure a correct adhesion of the inks on your objects to be silk-screened or pad printed.

How are atmospheric plasma equipment available?

At Croma Ibérica we have selected for you atmospheric plasma equipment from leading international manufacturers in the sector. We only distribute high-quality products so that customers are 100% satisfied with the machines and can obtain perfect results from their products.

How does atmospheric plasma work?

The spark discharges between two electrodes that take place inside or at the outlet of the head generate a plasma flame that breaks the closed molecular chains on the surface of the object, converting them into polar molecules. These molecules allow a much more powerful chemical bond with the molecules of the inks. The result of greater adhesion of inks on printed or stamped surfaces is much more durable silk-screen or pad printing and of higher quality in the finishes.

We help you find the solution you need

At Croma Ibérica we have more than 20 years in the sector. We encourage you to take advantage of all our experience and allow us to help you find the atmospheric plasma equipment that best suits your needs.

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