At 'Croma Ibérica' we have made a selection of screen printing drying tunnels in order to cover all the needs related to the curing of objects. We have silk screen drying tunnels for small workshops as well as for medium and high production industries, where it is possible to install them on automatic production lines.

Different types of screen printing drying tunnels

We have different types of tunnels depending on the drying systems to cover the different needs you may have.

UV drying tunnel for screen printing: allows the drying or curing of inks that need the UV wavelength for drying or do not present good results with IR systems or air drying.

IR drying tunnel (infra-red): The drying efficiency of these IR drying tunnels is higher than that presented by conventional screen printing tunnels with an air system. It is especially useful in cases where the screen printing presents significant thicknesses of ink: In these cases the IR light manages to dry the entire thickness of the ink, unlike air drying, where only the outer layers can be dried.

Serigraphic air drying tunnels: These are conventional tunnels where the ink is dried by applying hot air. Its effectiveness depends on the thickness of the ink layers, in which for screen printing with thick ink layers the use of drying tunnels with IR is recommended.

Let us help you find the solution you need

Take advantage of our more than 20 years in the sector! We are specialists in the manufacture and distribution of machinery and consumables for screen printing. We are at your disposal to answer all your questions and advise you on the screen printing drying tunnel you need most.

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