Since our foundation, ‘Croma Ibérica’ has been a business specialized in the industrial field, which is where most of our long-time customers come from. Furthermore, we have been rewarded with a large trajectory and gained experience on how to implement impression technology in a wide rage of different industrial  productions. That is the reason why we know the way industrial businesses function and its needs. Our industrial Silk-screening printing machines respond to the principal objectives of the industry: increase productivity and profitability, optimize processes, decrease the amount of workforce and achieve quality finishings.

We offer a wide range of machinery which answer to all type of personal necessities to numerous articles of all forms and materials. Depending on the grade of automation of the process, we have two types of machines. On the one hand, the automatic Silk-screen printing machines which function autonomously, no need of anybody. On the other hand, there are the semi-automatic Silk-screen printing machines which operators do have to help during the process by loading up and down some pieces.

Manufactured tailored impression machinery

Apart from having a wide experience in the selling of other manufacturer’s Silk-screen printing machines, we are also specialized in the manufacturing of customized solutions, so we reach at most your necessities. Usually, modulated and programmables Silk-screen printing machines with high adaptability are manufactured, always fulfilling the standards of quality and security.

Customized assistance

If no required machine is found, it is recommended you contact with us exposing the problem, so that we immediately offer you the best solution. 


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