Automatic screen printing presses offer the possibility of achieving high screen printing performances. At 'Croma Ibérica' we offer this type of octopus to meet the needs of customers who require high screen printing speeds or frequently perform medium and high production jobs.

We seek reliability and quality in the resulting silkscreens

At the time of selecting the octopus that we offer, we have paid special attention to the fact that they are reliable machines and guarantee excellent results so that you can offer quality to your customers. The grapple here present have been manufactured with high resistance materials to withstand years of daily work and require little or no maintenance.

Easy to operate and install automatic screen printing presses

For us it is an important characteristic: The presses offered here should not mean an extra workload for our clients. On the contrary, they must be a comfortable solution that quickly provides an improvement in the client's work without added difficulties. The grabs available in 'Croma Ibérica' are characterized by their ease of programming and operation through intuitive programs, and have been designed so that adjustments can be made without the need for tools.

We help you find the solution you need

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice on finding the automatic screen printing presses that best suits your needs. We will put our more than 20 years of experience in the sector at your disposal. We have experience as manufacturers: If you cannot find the press you need, we will study your case to check the possibility of implementing the necessary modifications in the automatic press.

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