Machines designed for drying and curing prints through UV LED light. These machines are simple to use and very practical, because they adapt to any machinery that needs quick and instant drying.

What was UV LED like in the past?

Years ago, the main difficulty of UV drying devices was the limitation in terms of powers, being efficient only where the contributions of product (inks, adhesives ...) were small, since speaking of powers of 5-15 W, they were powers difficult to obtain. Currently, these limitations no longer exist, and we can offer air-cooled UV LED curing systems up to 180W and up to 800W using liquid cooling. All these systems always include all the necessary cooling elements for their intensive use in an industrial environment.

These power ranges not only allow curing, but allow maintaining really high curing speeds.

Quality technical service

The 'Croma Ibérica' technical service will advise you at all times and try to solve all your problems without obligation.

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