The screen printing press machine is the support where the screens are installed with which the serigraphic works will be carried out, whether they are of one colour or of several colours. We could say that it is a basic element in a screen printing workshop.

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  • Types of screen printing presses

There are many configurations of the press machine according to the number of arms and stations (support where the object to be printed is placed) that are required. Normally, one-arm and one-station solutions are used for monochrome screen prints, however for more complex multicolour screen prints with more added value, presses with several arms are used, to install the different screens corresponding to the different colours, and a or more workstations. This optimizes production performance and improves ergonomics or comfort in carrying out the task. The most common configurations are 2-arm, one-station screen printing grabs, 4-arm, 2-station grapples, and 6-arm, two-station grapple, but these configurations can change as needed.

The octopuses for printing can also be manual, known as manual screen printing octopuses, where it is the person who performs the screen printing work who moves the arms and applies the ink through the screen printing with the doctor blade, or the movement does it automatically in the automatic grapples for screen printing.

  • Custom-made screen press printing machines

During our long experience in the sector (more than 20 years) we have accumulated sufficient knowledge to understand the needs of our customers and consequently manufacture the most suitable screen printing pin for your screen printing workshop. Our premise is to manufacture the highest quality octopus with the aim of providing the customer with a screen printing machine as it strengthens its business and optimizes its activity to the maximum. For example, we can manufacture octopuses with a built-in drying tunnel to optimize the process and facilitate long-run screen printing, as well as being a compact solution that allows it to be installed in any location. In addition, we always take care of the details. For example, we will never manufacture an octopus without being micro-registration compliant so that multicolour screen prints are always perfect.

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