Everything you need to start a modern and competitive screen printing business right away without requiring prior screen printing experience. You start with a high quality standard and responsiveness to any request quickly.

We will advise you to find the solution that best suits your needs

  • Save yourself the trouble of traditional silk-screen printing

We are constantly looking for the most competitive solutions available on the market. For example, all the workshops are based on Goccopro technology, due to a matter of environmental regulations, space, quality of screen printing and profitability of the activity.

  • The ideal way to make your prints profitable

Eliminate photoliths, emulsion, water, and other chemicals from the equation. With the ease with which we can make screen printing screens, we don't need a screen printing expert. The speed with which we make the screen printing screens allows us to respond immediately to orders and eliminate the cost of all the hours dedicated to the production and recovery of screens.

  • Set up a workshop in a space of less than 5 m²

Space is no longer an issue with compact series workshops. With Goccopro technology, it creates screen printing screens in the space occupied by a printer and prints on a small diameter octopus with a built-in curing tunnel.

  • You must not know screen printing to do extraordinary work

With Goccopro you will create screen printing screens without graphic limits in an easy, clean way (without any reagent, photolith or water) and in just 5 minutes from the first day: The process is similar to printing on a home printer. The mechanics of printing on the silk-screen octopus is a simple technique that can be learned in a few minutes.

  • Workshops available
  • How will you receive the workshop?

You will receive the equipment and utensils in compact packages to facilitate logistics and reduce transport costs. The equipment is already semi-assembled, so that you can finish assembling and installing them in your workshop or premises without difficulty. In this example, the delivered workshop would be the 200 XL Screen Printing Workshop and would contain:

  1. Feet and arms of the Kraken press machine.
  2. Micro-registers and clamps for holding the Kraken press machine screens.
  3. Kraken Press Machine Tower.
  4. Frames and utensils for the immediate realization of the screen printing activity.
  5. Pontiac precure flash.
  6. Goccopro QS200.
  • Get trained with Croma Ibérica

At Croma Ibérica we offer individualized services for each client, adapting to all their needs, for that reason we offer specialized training for each client. This is a training course on printing with Goccopro, intended for all those who need to print, personalize or decorate any type of product and lack experience in the printing process using Goccopro.

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