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Large Production Capacity Screen Printing Workshop

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This workshop is the most suitable solution to carry out textile customization work in a 21x30 cm (A4) printing area. Ideal to respond to large orders in a short space of time since it has a production capacity of 100 garments / hour. In addition, it allows you to stamp designs of up to 4 different colours on the garments. With the MiScreen 100 Workshop you can customize workwear, sportswear, for events and advertising quickly and easily.



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Innovation in textile printing. 

Textile printing has always been a dirty, complicated, toxic, slow and traditional process that required a lot of experience to be able to develop quality jobs. But thanks to new technology, the MiScreen workshop represents a revolution in the sector since it allows you to print quickly, easily, cleanly, ecologically and without the need for experience. Thanks to this innovation, you will be able to carry out high quality work and obtain maximum profitability in your business.

Traditionally, screen printing has always been a difficult, unhygienic, highly polluting, unhealthy, slow process that required a long learning curve to finish making quality prints. But all this has changed thanks to Goccopro technology. With the new compact Miscreen workshop you can carry out jobs quickly, easily, cleanly, ecologically and without the need for experience. Thanks to this innovation, you will get high quality finishes, and you will be able to increase the maximum profitability in your business.


What equipment does this workshop include?

MiScreen: Machine with which you will create HD screen printing screens in just 30 seconds.

Miscreen impresora de pantallas de serigrafía

Testing MiScreen



Ponny 5:Manual textile grab with four arms for printing up to four colours and a built-in drying tunnel.

Pulpo de impresión Ponny 4 con túnel incorporado


Printing in 2 colors with Ponny 5


What accessories does this workshop include?

This Kit will allow you to start an activity of textile screen printing and screen printing on flat rigid plastic objects in 1 color.

- Frame: 28x40 cm aluminium frame (interior measurements) with quick fabric mounting system.

- Mounting strip: 10 m of rubbers for quick mounting of the mesh on the frame.

- Serigraphic scraper: For printing your design on the object to be silkscreened. two wooden handles with soft strip, one 24 cm and the other 33 cm

- Assembly tool: Utensil to give adequate tension to the silk screen.

- Roll of cloth 120: 12 meters of mesh for Goccopro 100 to create HD screen printing.

- Adhesive spray: Spray to adhere the objects to be printed on the octopus support.

- Roll of green tape: A roll of special Goccopro green tape to reinforce the fabric, protect the area to be printed or mask the fabric against attacks.

Get trained with our Goccopro courses

At Croma Ibérica we offer individualized services for each client, adapting to all their needs, for that reason we offer specialized training for each client. This is a training course on printing with Goccopro, intended for all those who need to print, personalize or decorate any type of product and lack experience in the printing process using Goccopro.

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