Find here equipment and accessories for performing corona treatments. These types of treatments are very effective in increasing the energy or surface tension of low-adhesion substrates and in many cases are essential for screen printing and industrial pad printing, where the adhesion of inks to surfaces is vital for the quality of the work. For example, corona treatment is very important in plastics, whose surfaces tend to have poor adhesion.

High frequency corona treaters

The corona treaters available from Croma Ibérica are usually high frequency. Normally a complete high frequency corona treater consists of a generator, the high voltage transformer and the treatment station.

The generators of the corona treaters available here are of the semiconductor technique, which have multiple advantages compared to tube equipment: the performance of the corona treatments is improved together with a significantly higher power supplied, less parasitic radiation and greater reliability. To achieve a uniform high voltage plasma, high frequency pulses are generated (usually between 25 - 50 kHz), hence the name of high frequency corona treaters.

Regarding the treatment stations, we have different models for their adaptation to the substrates of our clients. When selecting the most convenient one, it is important to consider the application, the guide, the type of machinery with which the object is printed, the speed, corona treatment on one or both surfaces, if the substrate is conductive, etc.

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