Manual corona generator Cube 1

Manual Corona Generator Cube 1

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Perfect for pre-treating sample sheets to check the effect of corona treatment on the adhesion of the substrate to be printed or embossed.



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Cube1 Utilities

This equipment is perfect to establish the effect of the corona pre-treatment on the surface energy of a substrate before starting a job of screen printing, pad printing, etc. Performing this type of checks is vital to ensure a quality result in printing or stamping jobs.

Its compact design will allow you to take it anywhere to perform your corona pretreatment test on site quickly and easily.

How Cube1 works

The substrate to be printed or stamped is placed on the base plate connected to the ground and the electrode is passed over its surface. The generator power can be easily adjusted using a dial and displayed on an indicator. The intensity can be determined by the speed of the displacement.

What types of substrates can I pre-treat with Cubo1?

This equipment can treat conductive sheets of any thickness and non-conductive sheets (such as materials such as polymers) with a maximum thickness of 2 mm. In this case, a roller electrode is recommended, however by replacing it with a rigid electrode, bulk substrates can be pre-treated.


- Semiconductor generator.

- Integrated transformer to generate high voltage.

- Manual roller electrode with connection for ozone suction.

- Counter electrode plate of 400x400 mm.

Optionally: The ozone suction connection can be used for the supply of process gas and a push button or pedal can be provided for its activation.