All the necessary equipment for the production of screen printing screens and pad printing clichés. We have selected professional quality solutions at a reasonable price.

We will advise you to find the solution that best suits your needs

  • Screen printing laboratory
  • - Selection of inexpensive professional insolators based on their performance. To optimally insolate the emulsion of your screen printing screens. Professional results at a low cost.
  • - Tables for the tensioning of screen printing meshes for professional production. With them you can apply the optimal tension to the mesh for your screen printing screens. Apply uniform, controlled tension to screen screens with ease.
  • - Assortment of chemicals for the production of screen printing screens. Create chemical screens for traditional screen printing. Low costs without sacrificing professional quality.
  • - Equipment for drying screens after washing. Get totally dry silk screens after washes in just a few minutes. Save time and production capacity by quickly drying your screens.
  • Pad printing laboratory
  • - Professional insolators for recording pad printing clichés. The insolation of the plates is a critical stage for the quality of the resulting prints. Engrave clichés under controlled parameters and ensure consistent quality.
  • - Equipment for laser engraving of pad printing clichés. Create your own clichés to have full control of their quality and delivery times. Create clichés cheaply, cleanly and very quickly.

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