Compact lab kit

Compact Insolation Kit

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The compact insolation Kit includes all the equipment, tools and products necessary for the realization of screen printing screens. It includes the mixed insolator, a multipurpose equipment that can be used both in screen printing jobs and in pad printing jobs. A complete and economical solution for all those professionals who wish to generate screens with the silk-screen insolation method.



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What does this kit include?

Mixed heat pump: Mixed insulation machine that can be used in both screen printing and pad printing.

Wooden frame: Lightweight 30x40 wooden canvas frame for screen printing.

Norikop emulsion: 950 ml Nokirop 7 SD emulsion for water, solvent and UV based inks.

Emulsion Remover:Liquid concentrate for the preparation of screens. Ideal for removing emulsions and capillary films.

Norifill LGScreen filler to touch up and cover the edges of solvent resistant stencils.

Norighost X: Cleaning paste for effective and fast removal of ghost images and ink stains.

Raedera: 300 ml millimetre scraper to easily apply the emulsion.