Kraken Textile Printing Press Machine

Kraken Textile Printing Press Machine

Low cost manual screen printing octopus. Available in two versions or models for 4 arms / 4 bases and 6 arms / 6 bases. High performance at a very low price.

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Who is it for?

The Kraken manual screen printing press machine is intended for professional users seeking maximum ergonomics, ease of use and rigidity. Also to professionals who respond to small or medium orders.

Best value for money

The price of the Kraken is tremendously contained considering the benefits it offers. It has been designed with the aim of offering a real solution that facilitates the access of new professionals to the personalization activity and improves the sector.

pulpo textil kraken

Kraken supply

The Kraken manual screen printing octopus is delivered disassembled in several compact packages to reduce shipping costs as much as possible. It should be noted that the assembly of the octopus is very simple, and no technical assistance is needed.

Why aluminium bases?

The Kraken mounts aluminium bases for greater heat dissipation. When pre-curing on multicolour screen prints, wood bases tend to heat up and warp. As the screen approaches the base for the next printing, the radiated heat can dry the inks on the screen (especially water-based ones), irreparably affecting the quality of the serigraphs. With the aluminium bases, the effect is minimized, achieving better results.

In addition, the wooden bases tend to deform over time (due to the use and cleaning of the glues), which is not the case with aluminium bases.

bases aluminio pulpo serigráfico kraken

Independent levelling of each of the bases

Kraken has a system that will allow you to level each of the bases for a precise fit at each workstation, allowing maximum print detail in all colours.

nivelación bases pulpo impresión textil kraken


The Kraken screen printing octopus mounts a micro register on the 3 axes (x, y, z) in each of the arms. The register is adjusted manually, without the need for tools.

sistema registro arriba pulpo serigrafía kraken

sistema registro lateral pulpo kraken

Double indexing system

A double colour indexing system has been installed in the Kraken to guarantee perfect results in screen prints of more than one colour. This system keeps the arms stable in the correct position in each case in perpetuity over time.

sistema indexación pulpo textil kraken

Screen height adjustment at print point

You can adjust the height and parallelism of the display frame to the base at each station. This setting is important as it determines the amount of ink that will be transferred to the fabric and to obtain silkscreen prints with good definition and high opacity.

ajuste altura pulpo manual Kraken

Adjusting the rest position of the frame

Throughout your professional activity, you will use different sizes of frames. The Kraken mounts a system that will allow you to adjust the screen's resting position according to its size and weight so that you can work comfortably, and the inks do not spill on the back of the frame. Fewer incidents during the printing process will make the time spent printing more efficient.

ajuste posición pulpo textil kraken

Double turret structure

Thanks to a large double structure built in mechanized electro welded steel to achieve high rigidity and high durability. Equipped with double steel bearings for maximum rigidity and stability over time.

estructura pulpo serigráfico kraken

Structure of the Kraken

The design of the Kraken makes it very robust. It has a wide support bench for the set with wheels and a fixing system to move it and place it comfortably in the desired place. It also mounts a double machined turret with bearings to move the arms and bases smoothly.

bancada amplia pulpo serigrafía kraken

Kraken packaging

The Kraken manual screen printing octopus is delivered disassembled in several compact packages to reduce shipping costs as much as possible.

The Kraken 4/4 is delivered in 1 palletized package. The weight is 150 Kg.

The Kraken 6/6 is delivered in 1 palatinate package. The weight is 190 Kg.

embalaje pulpo serigráfico kraken

Additional options

There is the possibility of acquiring the equipment assembly service. This assembly will always be carried out in our facilities and will cost €110. In this case, the disassembly and transport would be borne by the customer.

Data sheet

Bloqueo pantalla doble
Sin límites
Bases aluminio
Acero electrosoldado y mecanizado
Fijación de pantalla frontal
1000 mm, +- 15 mm
86x73x67 cm. (Lxaxh)
4/4: 2100 mm, 6/6: 2500 mm
4/4: 150 Kg, 6/6: 190 Kg

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