RAB-436 germicidal kit

Germicidal UV Lamp to Disinfect Air and Surfaces

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RAB-436 germicidal equipment for the application of germicidal radiation to disinfect the ambient air and all types of surfaces in rooms. It is important to note that, for whatever reason, if direct radiation does not reach the parts with possible contamination, the germicidal effect will not occur; Therefore, it must be ensured that the UV light reaches all the areas to be treated correctly. To ensure maximum disinfection, it should be placed at various points in the room. In this way the light will reach most surfaces. It does not generate waste.



  • Entrega en 24/48h* Entrega en 24/48h*


-4 36 watt low pressure fluorescent germicidal lamps (62W UVC 254 nm)

- Power supply by electronic ballasts.

- It does not generate ozone or waste.

- Lamp life: ~ 9000 hours approx.

- Phosphated and passivated single-body profiles electrostatic application with bright anodized aluminium protectors.

- Mobile base of aluminium profiles for displacement.

- Interior electrification with ground connection and electric hose for direct connection to 220V.

- Programmable analogue timer to mains socket.

- Optional: Bright electropolished anodized aluminium reflectors, exterior protections, etc.