If you need to include a Silk-screen printing machine in your production process, contact with us and we will advise you on finding the solution which fits best according to what you need.


The automatic Silk-screen printing machine is the one that allows you to work with no use of human intervention and has totally automatics load up and down systems. These machines have been designed to obtain high performance in industrial productions.

We are aware of the need to start up your production process

The modulated solutions offered are highly flexible and adaptable in any sort of production, since they are already manufactured the estimated schedule of delivery and installation is extremely fast, which is a key point due to the growing market.

Contained prices since not having to pay for the machine’s designing nor manufacturing

Taking into account that the modulated solutions are already manufactured, the costs of its acquisition are significantly less. Nowadays, acquiring automatic Silk-screen printing machines is much more possible since it is not necessary to pay for the machine’s designing nor manufacturing.

Obtain the best professional advice

Thanks to the 20 years gaining experience and the qualified personnel working for us, we are able to advice and offer you the machine which fits bests to your necessities. Furthermore, we have use of our own workshop where we also tailor machines to the need of our customers depending on the professional demand we have.

Our automatic Silk-screen printing machines always meet the safety standards

‘Croma Ibérica’ takes into special consideration the safety of anyone using our machines, therefore the automatic Silk-screen printing machines always meet the basic safety standards established by the EU. Every machine owns an accessible system of safety stop. Critical zones are also protected with safety barriers, so the operator finds it inaccessible and does not get injured. Furthermore, the machines with burners own a security circuit able to acknowledge the extinguishing of the flame and automatically cuts the gas.

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