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Automatic heat transfer machine for stamping cylindrical caps from the top and from the side.

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TI-002SR machine to stamp in two colors with two rollers in the stamping head, since one is for the side stamping and the other for the upper one. The cargo contains a fully automatic system (optional) with the cargo strap. Automatic cleaning can be added before stamping to avoid dust on objects. To cure the object as well, an automatic flame treatment can be added to the machine. The unloading system is automatic and can be controlled through the PLC (with a touch screen that the machine incorporates). TI-002SR meets the EU requirements.

Renting option

At croma Ibérica we offer our clients the possibility of renting this equipment.


Training for use in our facilities is included in all equipment.

30 years of experience support our recommendation to carry out the training in our facilities for different reasons, but mainly because the people involved are fully dedicated to training, without external agents to interfere or interrupt, in addition to the fact that the people to train can see first-hand hand, other systems or tools that can complement the planned training and provide a broader knowledge of the process.