Automatic Cleaning System for Pad Printing | INOX F70

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Easily and economically solve laundry problems in a pad printing department. The best automatic cleaning solution for all parts of a machine that are in contact with ink and must be cleaned at every production change.

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Optimized for the needs of a pad printing department. Precise washing of the most complex shapes, such as cups and ink trays, thanks to the penetration properties of ultrasonic technology. Double filtration system to keep specifically formulated laundry product cleaner longer.


- Built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel.
- High quality built-in generators and transducers.
- High frequency safety electrical isolation.
- Homogeneous distribution of the ultrasonic intensity.
- Timer and double thermostat, incorporated for greater security.
- Extremely fast cleaning times.
- No. 2 stainless steel baskets are supplied, designed for practical and effective washing, capable of holding a large number of printing glasses of various sizes.
- Several drain taps for a more practical replacement of the washing product.
- Built with adequate insulation, it guarantees an excellent level of soundproofing.
- Filtration group with two levels of gradation that can be activated independently by means of a pneumatic pump.
- Panel for the control of all the operative functions.
- Level sensor of the washing product.
- Provision for serial connection with any solvent distiller to reuse the perfectly clean HTV4 product in each wash, significantly reducing the amount required
- Automatic discharge of liquids by pneumatic pump.
- Excellent cleaning quality thanks to the penetration properties of ultrasonic technology.
- Extremely compact construction.
- Optimized for the needs and needs of a printing department.

The baskets

Specifically designed to accommodate a large number of printing glasses of various sizes, positioned in such a way as to guarantee the highest and most effective wash quality.



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