Logica 03

Pad printing machine 4 colors Logic 03 ◁ Croma Ibérica ®

Lógica 03 is a high-performance machine that allows up to 4-color pad printing. Logica 03 guarantees the quality of the pad printing of its products. We have a series of configurations that cover the most common needs to facilitate your search for the ideal solution.

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High performance and pad printing speed of your products

Lógica 03 is a high-performance pad printing machine easily adaptable to any production line (optional accessories make it easily adaptable to your requirements). The computerized numerical control allows it to carry out high precision pad printing and its high speed (up to 2300 cycles / hour) makes Lógica 03 a very efficient solution in a production line. In addition, it is easily programmable and accessible by an operator from the alphanumeric panel. Do not forget that Lógica 03 has been designed considering work ergonomics.


High adaptability to your production line

Lógica 03 is a very flexible solution and the possibility of installing a set of accessories makes it easily adaptable to any production line. With the appropriate accessories it is possible to convert Lógica 03 into a semi-automatic machine or a fully automatic machine (fully automatic loading and unloading). At Croma Ibérica we will gladly advise you on finding the perfect solution for you. In addition, we have prepared a series of configurations that cover the most common requirements to facilitate this search.


Packing system

The whole set is supplied packed in a closed palletized wooden box. Means of transport and lifting of the package may be necessary for handling during transport (pallet truck, forklift, etc.). It is a stackable package that minimizes the cost of transport.


Accessories for Logic 03

We offer a series of accessories that help complement the functionalities of our Logic 03, for more information access the button below.


Spare parts for Logic 03

We offer a series of spare parts for the replacement of parts of the Logic 03 for more information access the button below.


Renting option

At croma Ibérica we offer our clients the possibility of renting this equipment.


Training for use in our facilities is included in all equipment.

30 years of experience support our recommendation to carry out the training in our facilities for different reasons, but mainly because the people involved are fully dedicated to training, without external agents to interfere or interrupt, in addition to the fact that the people to train can see first-hand hand, other systems or tools that can complement the planned training and provide a broader knowledge of the process.

Data sheet

220/240 V, Fase única, 50/60 Hz
Eléctrico con control numérico computarizado
1800 N
De 1 a 4 colores
115 mm
700 W aprox. (configuración básica)
Hasta 2300 c/h
115 mm
175 mm, 100 mm con desplazador de tampones
230 Kg o más
1100x1050x1980mm (LxAxH)


Folleto L3

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Ref. Número de colores Tintero (mm) Mesas coordenadas Mesa giratoria Sistema desplazador Protección Unit price Buy
MMT000098 1 115 TO100 - - -
MMT000104 1 115 - TRCN 03 (ø550mm) - -
MMT000099 1 115 TO200 - - -
MMT000103 1 transversal 90 TO100 - RTE450 (tintero) P2
MMT000100 1 oval 110x225 TO100 - - -
MMT000101 1 oval 115x350 TO100 - - -
MMT000102 1 transversal 115 TO100 - RTE300 (tintero) -
MMT000105 2 115 TO100 - SE228 L (tampones) P3
MMT000108 2 115 - TRCN 03 (ø680mm) - P2
MMT000106 2 oval 110x225 TO100 - PRN460 P3
MMT000107 2 oval 110x225 TO100 - PRN460 P3
MMT000109 3 90 TO100 - SE228 L (tampones) -
MMT000111 3 115 TO100 - PRN460 P3
MMT000112 3 radial 115 - TRCN04 (ø810mm) - P2
MMT000116 4 90 - TRCN 03 (ø680mm) - P2
MMT000115 4 90 TO100 - PRN610 L4
MMT000114 4 90 TO100 - PRN460 P3
MMT000117 4 90 - TRCN 2.5 (A.R.) PRN610 L4
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