Lógica Mimicro

High Speed Logic Mimicro Pad Printing ◁ Croma Ibérica ®

High speed pad printing machine from the international reference manufacturer Tosh. Ensure maximum efficiency in pad printing your products. High adaptability to any production line. Available in two versions: NS and N90S.

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Economical, high-efficiency solution in product pad printing

Logica Mimicro is an economical and efficient solution for production lines where a high cadence or speed of product pad printing is required. It is a semi-automatic electric machine for printing a wide range of products. It has computerized numerical control, so it offers precision pad printing with a quality finish. Logica Mimicro presents all the features needed for stamping the products of an industrial production line: Very high print cadence or speed, ergonomic and simple system for programming and operation of the machine, security systems and hermetic closures for prevent the formation of solvent vapors in the workplace, robust system made of quality materials, etc.

Reliability is one of its strengths

Logica Mimicro has been manufactured with high quality materials and has been designed for smooth operation which increases the useful life of the components. It should also be remembered that being 100% electric in operation, it has fewer maintenance requirements than its counterparts with pneumatic operation. All this makes Logica Mimicro a reliable machine with a long service life.

Take care of the work environment and the operator

Logica Mimicro is capable of storing up to 16 work routines to retrieve them whenever they are needed, thus facilitating the start of any new job. Optionally, a programmable self-cleaning system can be installed. Its configuration and set-up is very simple and the change of routine can be done in 1 minute. It features a hood to prevent the formation of toxic vapors, protecting the health of the operator and, together with the smooth operation, they maintain a pleasant environment in the workplace.

Modular design to adapt to any need

Logic Mimicro has been designed so that a series of accessories can be installed in order to make it easier for customers to find the solution that best suits their needs. In addition, it is easily configurable through the alphanumeric keyboard: For example, the path of each of the stamps can be independently configured to stamp on different levels of surfaces of the same object.


We propose a series of machine configurations to make it easier for you to find the solution you need. We know that finding the right pad printing machine for your products is not an easy task. We have listed a series of configurations with the intention of covering the most common needs that will help you find the solution you need. You must remember that Mimicro has high flexibility and the possibility of installing a set of accessories that allows it to be adjusted to your requirements. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

Accessories for Mimicro

We offer a series of accessories that help complement the functionalities of our Mimicro Logic, for more information access the button below.


Spare parts for Mimicro

We offer spare parts for any part of our Mimicro Logic, for more information access the button below.


Renting option

At croma Ibérica we offer our clients the possibility of renting this equipment.


Training for use in our facilities is included in all equipment.

30 years of experience support our recommendation to carry out the training in our facilities for different reasons, but mainly because the people involved are fully dedicated to training, without external agents to interfere or interrupt, in addition to the fact that the people to train can see first-hand hand, other systems or tools that can complement the planned training and provide a broader knowledge of the process.

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Ref. Modelo Fuerza (Nw) Número de colores Tintero (mm) Distancia entre tinteros (mm) Mesas coordenadas Mesa giratoria Sistema desplazador Unit price Buy
MMT000049 NS 700 1 oval de 70x138 - TO100 - -
MMT000050 NS 700 1 70 - TO100 TRCN 02S (ø350mm) -
MMT000051 NS 700 1 70 - - TRCN 03 (ø550mm) -
MMT000052 NS 700 2 70 76,2 TO100 - SE 76 ( tampones)
MMT000054 NS 700 2 70 76,2 TO100 TRCN 02S (ø350mm) -
MMT000056 NS 700 2 70 76,2 TO100 TRCN 02S (ø350mm) SE 76 ( tampones)
MMT000048 NS 700 1 70 - TO100 - -
MMT000058 N90S 700 1 90 - TO100 - -
MMT000060 N90S 700 1 90 - TO100 TRCN 02S (ø350mm) -
MMT000061 N90S 700 1 90 - - TRCN 03 (ø550mm) -
MMT000062 N90S 700 2 90 114,3 TO100 - PL300 (piezas)
MMT000063 N90S 700 2 90 114,3 - TRCN 02S (ø490mm) -
MMT000064 N90S 700 2 90 114,3 - TRCN 03 (ø550mm) -
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