Pontiac Cure Flash

Curing Flash for Textile Printing Press Machine

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Low cost pre-drying flash for manual and automatic textile printing grabs. Professional results at a reasonable price.


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Improved pre-drying flash at the same price

The Pontiac Flash is an essential drying Flash to be able to carry out multicolour textile printing jobs or on dark garments with guarantees. The equipment has been evolved and designed to offer the maximum benefits at the lowest cost.

Comfort and versatility

It has wheels with brakes, to be able to move it from one station to another or from one machine to another, in seconds and with total autonomy. Stable foot, adjustable to guarantee total stability of movements without the need to fix it to any part of the machine. You can go to work between colour 1 and 2 and go to work between colour 3 and 4 with total comfort.

Detalle del pie del flash de precurado Pontiac

Angle regulation

The entire head can be adjusted angularly so that it can reach or be adjusted in parallel precisely on the printing bases.

Detalle de la regulación angular de Flash Pontiac

Forced ventilation system

Thanks to forced ventilation, it is possible to take advantage of part of the energy radiated towards the structure so that this heat is redirected downwards towards the garment. One more help to improve performance and low consumption.

Imagen donde se aprecia los ventiladores del Flash Pontiac

Heat selection by zones

By means of 3 selectors, it is possible to cut the entire area of ​​influence into three drying zones from largest to smallest extent, so that we can concentrate the energy only in the necessary area.


By means of an electronic programmer, we can define the predetermined drying time to be applied on each occasion, so that the equipment can be switched off during the entire operation time and only be activated for the necessary time.

Detalle del panel del Flash Pontiac

Photoelectric cell

The photocell is responsible for lighting the Pontiac Drying Flash when a new garment is placed under it. It then turns off after the time controlled by the timer.

Imagen de la célula fotoeléctrica del Flash de presecado Pontiac

Curing system

The Pontiac Pre-Curing Flash mounts 6 IRC radiation lamps (short wave infrared) of 1000 W with their corresponding reflectors so that the maximum possible energy goes to affect the garments. Infrared radiation is the fastest and most efficient for curing inks in general. Especially the short wave has the property of curing the inks from the inside, which guarantees an improvement in adhesion (the heat by hot air dries only the surface, leaving the inner part of the ink cool).

Cycle times are extremely short, between 10 and 14 seconds.

It has the possibility of being expanded up to 9 kW.

Detalle de las lámparas IRC del flash de curado Pontiac

Electric connection

The Pontiac Flash can be connected to 380V and 220V in a way that is more convenient in each case.


The Pontiac drying flash is served with the stand removed, with the electrical panel fully wired and the lamps in the absence of being installed. The whole set is supplied packed in a cardboard box with a polystyrene interior, strapped and closed (included in the price). To guarantee the protection of the lamps, they are located inside the structural tubes of the support foot.

Imagen del embalaje del Flash de secado Pontiac

Important for transportation

Means of transport and lifting of the package may be necessary for its handling in transport (pallet truck, forklift, etc.). It is a stackable package that minimizes the cost of transport. There is the option of supplying it assembled, although in this way the general dimensions increase and make the cost of transport higher and require some means of protection or additional packaging appropriate to each case.

Delivery schedule

This product is available in stock for immediate delivery, 12-24 h.

Additional delivery options

Assembled supply (extra cost: €85). Does not include packaging. Term 1 week.

Closed wooden packaging assembled (extra cost: €250). Term 2 weeks.

Data sheet

220 VCA
6000 W (Voltímetro incluido en el panel)
700 mm - 1130 mm
925x560x255 mm (LxAxH)
27 Kg