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First class dye sublimation cartridges. Ease of work, brightness and precision is what our ink cartridges for SG printers offer.


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What inks do we offer?

We offer two types of inks that meet different needs, check the ink that best suits your needs


This is a 4-color ink set that is perfect for all rigid and flexible polyester substrates. Excellent results on vinyl.


ChromaBlast HD

ChromaBlast-HD is an attractive glossy sublimation ink set for light colored cotton and cotton blend garments.


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Ref. Color Marca Capacidad Compatibilidad Unit price Buy
MSU00038 Amarillo Sublijet 31 ml SG500
MSU00042 Amarillo Sublijet 70 ml SG1000
MSU00046 Amarillo Chromablast 31 ml SG500
MSU00040 Magenta Sublijet 31 ml SG500
MSU00044 Magenta Sublijet 70 ml SG1000
MSU00048 Magenta Chromablast 31 ml SG500
MSU00039 Cyan Sublijet 31 ml SG500
MSU00043 Cyan Sublijet 70 ml SG1000
MSU00047 Cyan Chromablast 31 ml SG500
MSU00041 Negro Sublijet 31 ml SG500
MSU00045 Negro Sublijet 70 ml SG1000
MSU00049 Negro Chromablast 31 ml SG500
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