Goccopro fabric

Fabrics for Goccopro

The fabrics used by Goccopro machines are the highest quality Japanese polyester screen printing fabrics that are already automatically emulsified with a very low roughness and light insensitive emulsion.

This allows for prints of extraordinary quality that can be handled in daylight, and the total absence of smudges or specks of dust in the emulsification.

As a consequence of the very high quality of emulsification, it is not necessary to change the type of spinning frequently. 90% of the jobs in textile printing can be done with fabric called 120, both for backgrounds and for weft jobs.

Almost all the works shown in our videos, fairs and live demonstrations are made with this fabric.

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90% of the textile works can be done with Fabric type 120.

There are also the following fabrics:
Fabric 70: For greater ink flow. Suitable for printing on highly absorbent surfaces
Fabric 200: For less ink passage. Suitable for printing on very poorly absorbent surfaces.

Changing the fabric on our Goccopro 100

Applying tension to the fabric in the frame

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Ref. Medidas Tipo tejido Compatible con Unit price Buy
SS10094 0,32x12 m 120 Goccopro 100 / MiScreen
SS10095 0,32x12 m 200 Goccopro 100 / MiScreen
SS10093 0,32x12 m 70 Goccopro 100 / MiScreen
SS10391 0,32x20 m 180 Goccopro 100 / MiScreen
SS10097 0,56x30 m 70 Gris Goccopro QS200 / Goccopro QS2536
SS10305 1,13x50 m 120 Goccopro QS200 / Goccopro QS2536
SS10306 1,13x50 m 200 Goccopro QS200 / Goccopro QS2536
SS10577 0,56x20 m 300 Goccopro QS200 / Goccopro QS2536
SS10427 0,56x50 m 120 Rosa Goccopro QS200 / Goccopro QS2536
SS10206 0,56x50 m 200 Goccopro QS200 / Goccopro QS2536
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