Self-tensioning frames

Self-tensioning frames for Goccopro

Self-tensioning silkscreen frames for exclusive Goccopro use.

  • Entrega en 24/48h* Entrega en 24/48h*

Add tension to your screens

Special and reusable frame for self-tensioning with Goccopro rubbers. On the sides of the frame there is a small space to be able to insert the Goccopro rubbers and make the screen tension quickly and easily with the help of the Goccopro roller.

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  • 40x51
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Ref. Medidas interiores (cm) Tipo de marco Unit price Buy
SS10310 40x51 Tipo 4
SS10344 40x51 Tipo 5
SS10405 28x20 Tipo 6
SS10323 28x32 Tipo 6
SS10316 40x30 Tipo 6
SS10132 40x50 Tipo 6
SS10324 67x47 Tipo 6
SS10203 28x40 Tipo 6
SS10139 28x50 Tipo 6
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