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Photopolymer plates consist of a UV light sensitive plastic layer. For photopolymer clichés, single-layer or double-layer materials are used. On double-layer cliches, the top layer of approximately 25 microns disappears during the engraving process. These cliches are unsuitable for ulterior motives.

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How to use

The extremely high print quality obtained with this type of cliché more than compensates for the maximum allowable run limit. The CR photopolymer cliché is developed on an alcoholic basis.

The incision is achieved, as in the other case, from a positive photolith; the clichés are made under the idea of "do it yourself" by means of a few accessories, consisting of:

- An U.V insolator.
- A hot air dryer for hardening.
- A bathup for developing.
- Two frames.

For the correct use of the MASTER CLICHÉ from Croma Ibérica, accurate training is offered to the personnel who will work with them. Photopolymer clichés are used with the support of a magnetic base, available in different formats. These support planes are a specific product endowed with great flatness, excellent resistance to solvents, and strong magnetic traction.

The photopolymer cliché is a material composed of a thin sheet of steel coated with a layer of photosensitive material based on Nylon. It is insolated with a positive photolyte and ultraviolet light and is attacked with an alcoholic solution or with developer depending on the type of material.

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