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SA-002MS is a high-performance semi-automatic screen printing machine for making quality screen prints on flat and cylindrical objects of any material. Screen printing quality guaranteed!

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Quality in the silkscreens guaranteed

This servo-motorized screen printing machine allows the printing of flat and cylindrical items of any type of material, be it metals, glass or plastics (even Polyolefins). Originally conceived as a totally autonomous machine to be located close to the injection station, it can be loaded directly by the injector unloading robot or manually loaded by an operator. Thanks to an effective flame pre-treatment system, the highest quality standards are guaranteed on any material. In addition, for curing the inks it incorporates a UV drying unit with continuous power regulation to optimize cycle times to the maximum.

We seek operator comfort to maximize performance

SA-002MS has two work areas with all control elements folded over to facilitate user tasks. All the adjustments of the three workstations are made from the touch panel and are memorizable to be able to repeat the serigraphs in the future. Also, no mechanical drives are necessary for cylindrical printing; the choice of the diameter to be printed is determined from the operator panel itself. The change of work mode from cylindrical to flat and vice versa is also done from the operator panel in a matter of seconds.

Unquestionable security

SA-002MS has security barriers around the perimeter of the access area that guarantee that the operator does not inadvertently access risk areas when the machine is in operation. The burners also have a dedicated circuit that is capable of detecting the accidental extinguishing of the flame, automatically cutting off the gas supply.

Fully flexible solution

El sistema está concebido de forma modular, es decir, el conjunto está formado por diferentes módulos interconectados separables. Además, cada uno de los módulos se puede ampliar, reducir o substituir por otros módulos, lo que también nos permite añadir nuevos procesos como desbarbados o verificaciones. Este concepto permite adaptarnos a tus necesidades al máximo.

Technical characteristics

- Automatic carburetion, proportional to the maximum oxidative power in each case.

- Control and safety maneuver by PLC.

- Brushless 3-axis servo motorized drive.

- Electronically programmable and adjustable through useful transmission.

- Pneumatic shutter.

- The thermal insulator is made up of quartz crystals.

Renting option

At croma Ibérica we offer our clients the possibility of renting this equipment.


Training for use in our facilities is included in all equipment.

30 years of experience support our recommendation to carry out the training in our facilities for different reasons, but mainly because the people involved are fully dedicated to training, without external agents to interfere or interrupt, in addition to the fact that the people to train can see first-hand hand, other systems or tools that can complement the planned training and provide a broader knowledge of the process.

Data sheet

80-160 W/cm
620x400 mm, 200 mm
410 mm
Gas natural
Hasta 56 mN/m