Norikop 7 SD

Emulsion for Water-based, Solvent and UV Inks

Diazo UV polymer emulsion. Multipurpose emulsion for water, solvent and UV based inks. Optimal print quality through high resolution and a wide exposure spectrum. Powder sensitization.


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Application area

Norikop 7 SD is suitable for the production of solvent and water resistant insoles for high quality requirements. Norikop 7 SD can also be used to process UV curing screen printing inks. Norikop 7 SD is a high quality 34% solids diazo-sensitized UV polymer emulsion. Norikop 7 SD is used in the following screen printing markets:

-Industrial screen printing

- Graphic screen printing / electronic promotion

- Ceramic

- Textiles

Colour / Pigmentation


Sensitized: green

Operate the Norikop 7 SD under yellow fluorescent tubes or under low voltage tungsten light.


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