Textile Screen Printing Equipment

Textile screen printing machines are those that are used to stamp images or motifs on t-shirts or any textile piece. The process consists of transferring a screen printing ink through the pores of a mesh stretched in a frame (screen printing) as a negative. The ink will come into contact with the fabric of the garment and fixate on it after curing or drying. At the level of complexity, there is a wide variety of textile printing machines (from a simple screen-printing arm to a multi-arm screen-printing octopus and automatic mobile workstations). The complexity of these machines will depend on factors such as the number of colors to be silkscreened or the volume of prints that must be made in the silkscreen work.

We help you find the textile screen printing machine you need

At 'Croma Ibérica' we have several textile screen printing machines that cover different scenarios, which allows us to adjust to the needs of our customers. We always bet on the most innovative machines and thanks to our more than 20 years of experience in the sector we can advise you with the textile screen printing machine that best suits the needs of your business. In addition, we have a highly qualified team and our own workshop where we make custom textile screen printing machines for all kinds of needs.

With these machines, it is possible to screen print all kinds of textile pieces with their pertinent modifications and adapters at the workstations. So far, we have not found limits when it comes to providing our clients with the solution they need.

Goccopro, the best printer to create screen printing screens

Thanks to the new Goccopro system, you can create screens in just two minutes. Forget about photoliths, sunstroke, emulsion and washing with water. Create screen printing screens easily, quickly, cost-effectively and environmentally in a clean environment.

Goccopro is the new concept that we give to modern screen printing, being capable of making screen prints of a digital quality screen. With Goccopro everything is simpler. You save space, time, money and work.

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Find the textile automatic press that best suits your needs!

Our premise is to manufacture the highest quality automatic press with the aim of providing the customer with a screen printing machine as it strengthens its business and optimizes its activity to the maximum. We can manufacture automatic presses with a built-in drying tunnel to optimize the process and facilitate long-run screen printing, while being a compact solution that allows installation in any location.

We always take care of the details. Not only that, but we will never make an automatic press without it being compatible with micro-registration so that we always obtain perfect multicolour serigraphs.

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Custom screen printing workshops tailored to your needs

Everything you need to start a modern and competitive screen printing business right away without requiring prior screen printing experience. You start with a high quality standard and responsiveness to any request quickly.

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